the crypto algo-trading platform

Algowave is an advanced and unique system that combines two winning features

wallet one master account Algowave unifies all your exchange accounts in one seamless platform, allowing you to trade, buy or sell on all of them without ever leaving the app.
brain profitable trading algorithm With AI that can recognize trends and indicators, locates opportunities and executes them automatically in real time to maximize gains.

we work with the largest exchanges in the world and many more coming soon..

  • Bitfinex


  • Binance


  • Liqui


  • Bittrex


  • Okex


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Proprietary AI Protocol

Algowave has teamed up with Endor(EDR) to launch its proprietary Ai prediction protocol. Users can now download the app and get coin predictions powered by MIT’s Social Physics technology, and massive compute power. For those of you unfamiliar, Endor has put their Ai technology to work for some of the largest public and private companies in the world (Walmart,Mastercard,Coca-Cola, Leumi Card and many more). Using the very same technology, this collaboration provides Algowave users with powerful coin predictions within the app.

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coin info

View information on all supported coins such as, current price, availability, total supply, all market volumes or volume on each supported broker. Daily and weekly price changes, graphic price charts and more...You can search by a coin’s name or sort coin lists by 24 hour changes in price. You may also use our “Favorite” function to view and follow your favorite crypto coins.

multi-level account

Unify all your crypto exchange accounts and start trading, buying and selling on all of them without ever leaving the app. We even support multiple accounts on the same exchange. Analyze your aggregated trade history on beautiful charts to get immediate insight on where you did well and where you need to improve. No more logins, no more external excel sheets. Maximize profits while minimizing mistakes with Algowave’s super convenient app.

trade easily from anywhere

Trade and open limit orders in several exchanges from anywhere. Watch each pair of open orders and trade history. Analyze prices with beautiful visual charts and view order books for each pair on all supported exchanges. Watch your open orders get fulfilled with a simple interface that makes trading cryptocurrencies easy.

revolutionary ai trading algorithm

Maximizing your profits.

Our smart Automatic Algo trading bot has been working for a couple of months for a very small group of VIP investors. We are proud to say that its profitability is growing, even in the red markets we’ve been experiencing in the past few months. At this time, we are still not open for the general public to join our Algo trading platform. If you want to join and benefit from our automatic trading platform, you’ll need to fill in your details below and tell us why you think we should add you to our platform. We review all requests seriously, but reserve the right to decline any offer due to our internal criteria.

ask for vip membership

Algowave is a team of experienced Traders, Developers and Investors leading the next tech revolution in Automatic Crypto trading by leveraging in-depth expertise in advanced automatic trading. Our ambition is to elevate the trading technology in cryptocurrencies to the level reserved till now only for the largest financial institutions in the stock markets. We’re focused on making the new age of digital assets accessible to the masses, thus liberating them from the dependency of traditional financial systems