Privacy Policy

1. General
Within this Privacy Policy Algo Wave Ltd. (hereinafter: “Algo Wave”) will describe the policy set regarding the use of application “Algowave” or website of Algo Wave Ltd. ( This Privacy Policy has incorporated elements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), valid as of July 9th, 2018, as Algo Wave acts in accordance to its personal information processing rules within the European Economic Area (EEA).

2. Reference
This Privacy Policy terms refer and apply to to any use, including but not limited to subscription, purchase, sharing or any other activity within Algowave application or website. Any use of Algowave application or website is based upon your reading, comprehemsion and consent to Algo Wave Privacy Policy and its Terms of Use. The terms and consitions within this Privacy Policy are in addition to the terms and conditions set in Algo Wave’s Terms of Use document, which is presented with this Privacy Policy.
All terms in this Privacy Policy refer to either singular ot plural, male or female users, identically. Excluding specifically defined terms in this Privacy Policy, all terms used in this Privacy Policy but not specifically defined herein, shall have the definition they have within Algo Wave Terms and Conditions, as that might be, unless such definition contradicts these Privacy Policy terms.

3. Content
This Privacy Policy presents the methods in which [Algo Wave] (“Algowave?”) uses, collects, process, transfers, shares, and protects user information obtained through the website or through “Algowave” application. The
terms in this Privacy Policy such as “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Algo Wave and its affiliates, subsidiaries, management, employees, suppliers and other business connections.
When Algo Wave asks for any personal information from users it is either because such information is relevant for specified purposes, or because Algo Wave is required by law to collect this information. Any non-required information you provide to Algo Wave is provided by you, voluntarily. You decide whether to provide Algo Wave with such non-required information; Kindy note that you may not be able to access or utilize all of Algo Wave’s Services if you choose not to provide any requested information.
4. Consent to Privacy Policy, Practices, Terms and Conditions
By using Algowave website or application, you give your consent to the data practices described in this Privacy Policy, only, and not any other data practices assumed to be adopted, or that might have been reasonable to have been adopted by Algo Wave, in any way.
5. Information and Data Collected
Algo Wave would like you to understand the types of information it collects when you register and use Algo Wave’s services, via its Algowave application or website. There are three sources and points when and where information is collected:
5.1. Information You Provide at Registration
When you create an Algowave account, you provide Algo Wave with personal information that includes your contact information (email Address, name, and a password). You may also choose to add a phone number for SMS or Google

Authenticator account to be used for 2FA verification for improved security, but you are not required to do so.
5.2. Information Collected Authenticating User Identity
To comply with global industry regulatory standards including Know-Your- Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF), Algo Wave requires users and accounts to undergo user identity authentication. This requirement is set for both Personal & Enterprise-level accounts. Kindly be aware and noted that this practice required collecting all formal identification required by law.
5.3. Information Collected During Use of Services
Two types of information are collected during the use of Algo Wave services, as described below:
5.3.1. Service Usage Information
During the use of the Algowave application, Algo Wave monitors and collects tracking information related to usage such as location identification, usage times identification, device identification, operating system, browser type, IP address, access date & time, and other information as set as needed. This information may be directly achieved by Algo Wave or through third party services, collecting or aggregating this date. This service usage data helps Algo Wave to improve its systems and oprations, in order to ensure that its interface is accessible for users across various changing platforms. This information can aid during criminal investigations, if Algo Wave is required to do so by law enforcing entities.
5.3.2. Transaction Information
In any user account, Algo Wave collects transaction information including account balances, deposit snapshots, withdrawals, trade history, order activity and distribution activities log. This transaction data is monitored for pattern recognition

analysis and for significant deviations in trading activity, in order to detect fraudulent activities, and legal case resolution.
6. Purpose of Data Collection and Uses
During the use of Algo Wave application or website, data is collected in regards to usage patterns, habits and norms. Information is also collected for an analysis of user’s location, purchases, sales and interests, including services or products viewed and not purchased.
The purpose of this data collection is to improve Algo Wave’s offering to the specific user, in generally to its users, and to improve its usage patterns, reputation and revenues. Algo Wave may use this data in order to improve, increase and alter offerings, services or products from Algo Wave or from third parties or Algo Wave affiliates. This data may be stored in Algo Wave database, but Algo Wave is not committed to do so. Algo Wave may share Service Usage Information and data as defined above with third parties or its affiliates, but personal Transaction Information as defined above, will not be shared specifically per any user, with any third party, unless Algo Wave is required to do so, by law.
Potential Data and Information usages are as described below, but are not limited to the following:
6.1. Provide, enable and maintain use of application or website
Algo Wave uses the information collected to operate and offer its services or products, to ensure and verify users’ identity. Algo Wave uses the IP address and other unique identifiers derived from the user’s device’s cookies, to authenticate user’s identity and provide its service. Due to legal and system requirements, Algo Wave must provide services or products to users only after

receiving identification data, contact information and transaction-related information.
6.2. Adhere to and comply with legal and regulatory requirements
Algo Wave makes any reasonable effort to comply with and adhere to laws, regulations, government requirements and user-generated requests, in regards to privacy and security of data users store with its application or website. No personal information will be disclose or provided to any third party without review of Algo Wave’s legal advisor or without prior consent from a user – in regards to a user’s information.
6.3. Protect Algo Wave users
Algo Wave uses the information collected to protect its systems, users’ accounts, database and archives. Algo Wave uses cookie data IP addresses and to protect itself and users from automated abuse such as phishing, spam, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Algo Wave analyses trading activity in order to detect deviation from behavior patterns, in an effort to prevent potential fraud and loss of funds for itself and its users.
6.4. Statistical information collection and analysis measuring performance
Algo Wave may measure and analyse data to improve its services usage, in order to improve its system’s performance and users’ experience, and in order to resolve technical, commercial or other issues.
6.5. Operational user communication
Algo Wave may communicate users, send via email, text message, phone call or any other communication means, for supporting customer services or for asking any requested information. Algo Wave may communicate with users in order to inform regarding log in activities, transations, and account security.

Kindly be noted that without processing such personal information either for confirmation or for any other communication, Algo Wave will not be able to respond to user’s requests or questions. Algo Wave will keep all such communication confidential, and will review it internally for accuracy and better customer service.
6.6. Commercial user communication
Algo Wave may also send any other marketing, operational or advertising content. This purpose can, at any time, be terminated at your request.
6.7. Enforcement of Terms of Use and other agreements
Algo Wave makes any reasonable effort to review and prevent any potentially illegal or breaching activities which are in violation of its Terms of Use. Caring and servicing its users, Algo Wave enforces its agreements with third parties and inquire violations of its Terms of Use. Algo Wave reserves the right to terminate its service, to any user found involved in actions violating its Terms of Use, according to its sole discretion,.
6.8. AnyotherpurposesetforthinAlgoWave’sPrivacyPolicyoritsTermsofUse.
6.9. No third party data responsibility
Algo Wave may retain third party’s services for statistical data collection and application or website monitoring. Such data is statistical in essence, does not personally recognize any specific user and is used for Algowave application or website analysis and improvement, as well as for Algo Wave’s benefit. Such third party may store this data in its database.

7. GeneralandStatisticalDataTransfer
Algo Wave may transfer any statistical and general data of users to third parties, according to its sole discretion, for commerical, business, operational or financial uses. Algo Wave may transfer such data for the following means, but is not limited to the means described herein:
7.1. Creating lists and a database;
7.2. Addressing users with offers to purchase services or products, to participate in offers, services, initiatives or surveys;
7.3. Any business, operational, marketing or other activity.
8. PersonalDataTransfer
Algo Wave may transfer personal data of users to third parties only for the following reasons:
8.1 According to user’s request;
8.2 In order to adhere to judicial or court decision;
8.3 In any user’s dispute, requirement, legal claim or lawsuit againg Algo Wave;
8.4 In any case in which Algo Wave’s responsibility to operate or transfer any such data, is transferred to another party;
8.5 In any case Algo Wave believes transferring such data is crucial in order to avoid severa damage to user’s or third party’s body or assets;
8.6 In any case Algo Wave believes, according to its sole discretion, the user uses its application or website for an action which is illegal or in violation of its Terms of Use, or may damage its application or website, its operation, assets or any other interests.

9. Methods Algo Wave Protects User Data
Algo Wave uses security measures to ensure information is not lost, abused, or maliciously changed. Algo Wave may use the following security measures, but is is not obliged to any or all of which: Secured Sockets Layered encryption technology, PCI Scanning, pseudonymisation, data access restrictions, and physical access limitations and monitoring to buildings and to files. Kindly be noted that it is not possible to completely guarantee secure data transmission via the internet, nor via any other electronic method. Algo Wave cannot and does not commit to be fully secure from third party’s penetration to its database, hence is not liable for the results of such penetration to its users’ data. You understand and agree that you will not register as Algowave user, if you do not fully accept this.
Therefore, it is your responsibility to take independent safety measures to protect your personal information. If you are concerened that your personal information, especially account and/or password information, has been exposed, altered or damaged, please lock your account immediately and contact Algo Wave customer service.
10. User Consent, Rights of Review, Removal or Update
Any information provided by you to Algo Wave via any means or any activity such as registration, purchase or any other activities, is at your own will, declaring thereby your full and clear consent to Algo Wave’s Privacy Policy terms, and to Algo Wave’s Terms of Use, as such is required by any applicable law.
The user is entitled to review any of his or her personal information collected by Algo Wave, or ask to update or remove it. If such personal information in regards to a user is incorrect, incomplete or unclear, such user may request its correction, update or removal by Algo Wave, in case the correction, update or removal ability is not possible via Algowave application or Algo Wave’s website.

You are invited and encouraged to update any such information within your Personal Account Profile. You may also ask Algo Wave to do so for you, by sending an email to this email address: [email protected] Kindly be noted that removal of Personal Information will not avoid its usage by Algo Wave’s as non-personal part of its statistical and General Data.
11. Local DB Storage
Local DB is made of small text files stored at the user’s device storage unit, by the application or website. These files include data that personally indentifies you, as well as wide data about your activity within the application or website.
Algowave application or website makes or will make use of Local DB storage, in order to analyze and specifically customize it to the user’s needs and preferencse, as well as for data security needs. Such Local DB storage is or will be used also to collects user’s application usage information, to confirm user’s identity, to facilitate user’s usage such as remembering user name and password, to enable faster application or website service, and to collect statistical data regarding the usage. You may choose to refuse acceptence of these file and avoid the benefits of not having to remember and type your username and password at every login.
12. Advertisement in Application or Website and External Links
Algo Wave may use General Data to enable third party’s or its advertisement, and Personal Data to customize advertisements to user’s preferences. Algo Wave may use or transfer that Data to third parties for these purposes. Therefore you may receive advertisement from Algo Wave or from third parties. Algo Wave takes noresponsibility for third parties content or advertisement, nor to third parties’ privacy policies, their validity, application or compliance with legal requirements.

13. Changes to Privacy Policy
Algo Wave may change or update this Privacy Policy for its commerical or business needs, due to legal or insurance requirements, due to changes in risk management practices, or because of any changes to its personal data collection practices and its use practices. If significant or important changes are made to this Privacy Policy, the changes will be notified to Algowave users by posting an announcement on its website or its application. Algo Wave is free to change and update this Privacy Policy, therefore you are advised to review it anew after each notification of changes, in order to confirm you are clear with it and that your consent to its terms is still valid.
Using your information for any purpose that is not described in this Privacy Policy will be notified in advance, and your consent will be requested anew.
14. Contact Us
Algo Wave is committed to respecting the freedoms and rights of all our its users who have placed their trust in its service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you like to file a Data Protection Request, please refer to our FAQ and contact us on our Support Page either within Algowave application or website.